The bull that was in love with the moon


The story of the bull in love with the moon that one day was able to make the dream he had always dreamed come true, that of being able to reunite with his great love.

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In the valley of the Rio Grande, where the night sky is woven with sparkles of stars, there lived a bull named Dreamer. He was a bull unlike any other; His fur seemed drawn with specks of the starry night and his eyes reflected the deep blue of twilight. But what really made Dreamer unique was not his looks, but his unwavering love for the moon.

Every night, when the sun hid behind the mountains and the moon rose majestically in the sky, Dreamer would stand on the top of the highest hill in the valley. From there, he sighed as he looked at the silvery glow of his beloved, dreaming of touching her soft, cold surface. The moon, in turn, seemed to smile at him with a special light, and the stars twinkled, forming a mantle that embraced his dreams.

The legend of the bull and his love for the moon spread to all the creatures of the valley. The crickets played melodies that told their story, and the owls spread it on their night flights. However, this love seemed impossible, for how could an earthly bull reach his luminous heavenly love?

One night, while Dreamer was contemplating the moon, a shooting star crossed the sky. Remembering the ancient stories of wishes granted, he closed his eyes and asked with all his heart to be closer to his beloved. It wasn't long before a soft breeze began to caress his back, and a melodious voice filled the air.

"You are a being with a big heart," whispered the voice, which seemed to come from the wind itself. "Your pure love has touched the stars. I will grant you one wish, but you must be prepared for the consequences."

Dreamer, without hesitation, expressed his desire: "I want to be with the moon, even if only for a moment."

The breeze became a whirlwind, and Dreamer was enveloped in a cloud of stardust. When the whirlwind dissipated, Dreamer was no longer on the hill, but floating in the cosmos, between constellations and nebulae, in front of the impressive moon.

The moon looked at him with eyes like craters and mountains, and for the first time, Dreamer was able to touch its cold and poetic surface. "Your love is so great that it has crossed the confines of the earth," the moon told him with a voice that resonated like the echo of a dream. "But you cannot stay here, your place is on earth, next to the rivers and the flowers that you nourish with your presence."

A dreamer, with a bittersweet heart, he understood that his love for the moon was eternal, but it could not be earthly. He spent what seemed like eternities admiring its beauty, traveling through its valleys and mountains, until the voice of the wind returned.

"It's time to go back," announced the wind.

And so, like a shooting star returning home, Dreamer was carried back to the Rio Grande Valley. Although he could no longer touch the moon, her connection to it had become deeper and more magical. Every night, looking at her, he knew she remembered him too. 

Dreamer continued his life in the valley, but now, every time he bellowed, the stars trembled and the moon shone a little brighter. The story of his journey to the cosmos became a legend of love and hope, a story that was told on new moon nights, when hearts allow themselves to dream the impossible. 

In this way, in the Rio Grande Valley, the love of a bull and the moon became a fantasy tale, reminding us that there are no distances too great for true love, not even between earth and sky.

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