“What I am most passionate about about photography is being able to visually express my way of seeing the beauty that I perceive in a landscape.”

The profession that I have carried out for many years is that of an online marketing consultant, currently my activity is that of a visual content generator, landscape photographer and travel blogger.

Seven years ago I was presented with the opportunity to carry out the projects that I had always dreamed of and that I had never had time to do for work reasons. One of them was to digitally recycle my hobby of photography, and the other was to have time to travel for pleasure to discover other countries, other cultures, other landscapes, and also to get to know the country better and the places where I reside.

After these seven years learning photography and traveling, I have specialized in creating my own style of photography, in which I have focused on post-production to create “Fine Art” artistic photography images, dedicated mainly to making quality prints for photography. home and office decoration.

Currently, I am experimenting and learning about AI image generation, which is opening up a world of artistic possibilities that I could never have dreamed of.

On this website you will find the work I am doing and my activity as a Travel Blogger. I hope you enjoy it.

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If you want to contact me, it will be a pleasure to listen to your concerns.